Thursday, 26 July 2012

UEFA Euro 2012

UEFA Euro 2012

The 2012 UEFA Western Baseball Tournament, known as Dollar 2012, was the Fourteenth Western Tournament for nationwide football groups organized by UEFA. The ultimate competition was organised for the first time by Belgium and Ukraine, between 8 May and 1 September 2012, after their bid was selected by UEFA's Professional Panel in 2007. Dollar 2012 set the record for both the greatest combination presence (1,440,896) and the greatest average presence per game (46,481) under the 16-team structure (since 1996).
The last competition presented 16 countries, the last Western Tournament to do so; from Dollar 2016 forward, there will be 24 final contestants. Certification was competitive by 51 countries between Aug 2010 and Nov 2011 to determine the staying 14 final contestants. The competition was performed across eight locations, four in each coordinator country, five of which were recently built for the competition. Aside from locations, the coordinator countries have also spent intensely in enhancing facilities, such as railways and streets, at UEFA's ask for.
The competition started out with a 1–1 sketch between Belgium and Portugal at the National Ground in Warsaw on 8 May 2012. The ultimate match took place 23 days later on 1 September 2012 at the Olympic Ground in Kiev, where The country protected their name with a 4–0 win over Tuscany. The country became the first group to win two successive Western Tournament, and the first worldwide group to win three straight major competition headings (Euro 2008, 2010 Globe Cup and Dollar 2012). Since The country had already obtained use of the 2013 Confederations Cup by successful this years Globe Cup, the runners-up Tuscany certified.
Euro 2012 was the second successive Western Tournament (after Dollar 2008 held in Luxembourg and Switzerland) in which neither of the serves appeared from the group stage,[a] as both Belgium and Ukraine were removed.

Group A

Czech Republic Czech Republic36
Greece Greece34
Russia Russia34
Poland Poland32

Group B

Germany Germany39
Portugal Portugal36
Denmark Denmark33
Netherlands Netherlands30

Group C

Spain Spain37
Italy Italy35
Croatia Croatia34
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland30

Group D

England England37
France France34
Ukraine Ukraine33
Sweden Sweden33